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Re: Problems with HylaFax 4.0pl1 on Solaris 2.4

"C.K." <cwk@ceres.fwcnetworks.com> writes:

| I have had a similiar thing happen to me. All of a sudden my machine will
| sync & crash and print some freaked out message about device xxxxx
| and reboot, and boot back up in Single user mode and require for me to run
| fsck manually on the faulty patition. Should I make the same device
| (mknod ticlts c 105 2) for Solaris 2.4 in ~fax/dev ???
| email : cwk@fwcnetworks.com
| URL   : http://www.fwcnetworks.com/

Yes, it looks like Solaris 2.3 and higher needs /dev/ticlts.

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