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Re: Selecting a modem based on the area code

Something as simple as setting the ModemClass would probably suffice.  A
shell script which just calls sendfax with the -h ModemClass@host to specify a
differnet line if you have them all on one server.

At 11:29 AM 7/25/97 -0600, Steve Williams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone implemented a process whereby a fax can be directed to a 
>> specific modem based on the destination phone number or area code?
>> I would like to place a modem in each of our nodes located thought the 
>> country. Each of these would therefore be "local" to that region whilst 
>> there is one central HylaFAX server.
>> I notice this is in the TODO list
>It wouldn't be too hard to put a shell/perl/... script wrapper around 
>This script would examine the destination phone number, look up in a 
>table which "Server" would be servicing that number, set the FAXSERVER=
>environment variable, then call sendfax.  I could whip it off in about
>4 lines of shell script for an easy implementation.
>Let me know if you want more info.
>Good Luck,
>	Steve Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
>	Genie Computer Systems Inc.
>	steve@genie96.com

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