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Re: Re: format files

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, Nico Garcia wrote:
> Sigh. This only works if you have a local machine with Microsoft Word
> on it to print from, connected to your Samba and HylaFAX server. This
> misses out on the entire point of the original question, whether it is
> possible to *convert* Word documents to fax without doing it from
> inside Microsoft Word as a separate operation.
> The way you are doing it is *useful*. But a more general MS Word ->
> Postscript utility for UNIX systems would be better.

of COURSE it would be better.  but given the current situation, anything
that works will be perfectly acceptable.  this isn't a theoretical
question as far as i'm concerned, i'm trying to actually find a way to do
it, any way i can.  sure would have been nice if gnu decided to make
ghost word a few years back.

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