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Re: HylaFax: PostScript recognized as text - why? ,and how to make faxmail output ascii , instead of ps (for chinese text)?

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Mr. Arlington Hewes wrote:
> >>>>> On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, "S" == Super-User wrote:
>   S> when you send a postscript file, are you just cut/pasting the text? or
>   S> sending it as a postscript MIME type? sending it as pure text will make
>   S> fax barf, coz it doesn't use magic to detect a ps message. it's dumb
>   S> and has to watch the mime do his act in the street.
> HylaFAX uses a magic number typing scheme and types files quite intelligently according to the definitions setup in typerules (5f).  If postscript files are being incorrectly typed as ascii text, you may indeed have a problem.  Try having a look at the process by invoking sendfax with the '-v' flag:

does it check the magic for each attachment/part?
i mean, i can go "cat blah.ps|mail faxtest" and it'll come out printing
the contents of the postscript file instead of interpreting it.
if i send it in pine, as a mime attachment, it recognizes the mime type
and sends it straight through to ghostscript.. (i peeked at the source of
faxmail too)

btw is there any way to make faxmail output in ascii instead of formatting
it in postscript?  my purpose is to use another program (cnprint or c2ps)
to do the converting to postscript, to print chinese.  i need to have
attachments / multiparts decoded to plain text and the header simplified
and stripped of the paths and reply-to's, etc. just like faxmail does..
but cnprint/c2ps want ascii input, and output their own postscript pages
(chinese is converted to encapsulated graphics or something, doesn't
require external fonts from ghostscript)


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