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DTMF time length code, and PPI 336 modems, and skel/config files


Two things. First, I had a problem faxing to Geneva yesterday and had
to poke around for the register to make the system dial more slowly.
It's S11, and the only obvious place to stick it is in the
ModemWaitTimeCmd along with S7 which sets the timeout waiting for the
carrier. Basically, dialing Geneva from Boston, I had considerable
difficulty unless I extended the length of each digit dialed from the
default 95 msec of my PPI 14400 FXMT modems to at least 120 msec.

Should we add a field for this data?

Second, I took another short shot at using a PPI 33.6 external
Macintosh modem over the weekend. This was useless: the Ring Indicator
did some *very* odd things, and the manuals did not include the full
command set to modify those settings for that modem.

Does anyone have a working 33.6 configuration for PPI modems?

Last: in looking over the way the config and skel files are laid out,
it seems to me that the SERVER data of the skel file is unnecessarily
duplicated in the class{1,2,2.0} config files. Wouldn't it make more
sense to leave it in the skel file so that a site can easily alter its
settings for *all* modems, and comment them out in the class{1,2,2.0}

			Nico Garcia
			Engineer, CIRL 
			Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary

Version: 2.6.2


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