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Re: Hylafax future (SAMBA)

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Terry Dwyer 61 8 9491 5161 wrote:

> > > Those who have never used Samba will probably have some
> > > hesitation looking at yet another package for the first time. But it's
> > > far more simple than setting up Hylafax, for example. And it seems to
> > > work out of the box for almost all Unix flavours, and provides
> > > unparalleled robustness at the client end.

> This paragraph is accurate.  Samba _is_ easy to setup compared to hylafax 
> and an uncooperative modem.   I am not knocking hylafax in any way, just 
> my modem.

Also note that using SMB to submit HylaFAX jobs doesn't even necessarily
require samba.

SCO makes two commercial products which allow Unix systems to talk
SMB. One, called VisionFS, is bundled into every copy of OpenServer
shipping now. Another product of SCO's called Advanced File and Print
Services, contains MS-licensed code and thus includes support for NT
domains (something samba can't do).

Another SMB-on Unix product that I have worked with is FacetWin.
It's also pretty good, works like samba and has very clear docs.

It's not a stretch to suggest that SMB (through all its implementations)
is replacing NFS (if it hasn't already) as the most-used 
remote-filesystem-mounting protocol on Unix systems.

- Evan

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