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Re: List of Outstanding Patches

At 17:09 24/09/1997 +0100, "Mr. Arlington Hewes" wrote:
>How about Tim Rice's "make client" patch??

On the list - see date of 1/6/97. To give a bit more info, in reply to
a question wondering what was the bare minimum needed to setup a (Unix)
client when there was already HylaFAX running on a server, Tim said :

  |>It looks like you will have to build the entire package, but you
  |>only need to install the client portion (make installClient).
  |>If you install my client patch then "faxsetup -client" will work 
  |>Don't forget to set your FAXSERVER environment variable on the client
  |>and add the client to the .../spool/etc/hosts file on the server.

> As well, ..., such as Creatix SG 144s from gorski@poboxes.com in..

Ah yes, thanks. Please add to my list :

28/8/97  modem config file for Creatix SG144s          Achim Gorski

><199708281843.UAA16970@poboxes.com>, oh and how about the mailfax script    
>for qmail from Morten Skjelland <Morten.Skjelland@chembio.ntnu.no> in       

On the list. See 1/6/97 'mailfax.sh-qmail'.

>I hope this does not sound like I'm just whining for fixes - I would love 
>to be able to offer code but I am not capable of contributing on that 
>level, alas.

Same here; perhaps while Matthias and the others are working hard 
trying to get the pl2 code up and running, we could have a look at 
the documentation?

Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.

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