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Re: List of Outstanding Patches

Just a small note to all contributors:

If you want to submit changes for pl2 just send diff's against
the original(!) pl1 sources or send new sources if there wasn't
an old file in pl1. For diff's do the following steps:

$ mv foo.c++ foo.c++.orig          # this saves the modification date
$ cp foo.c++.orig foo.c++
$ chmod 0644 foo.c++
$ vi foo.c++ (or whatever editor you prefer)
$ diff -c foo.c++ foo.c++.orig > foo.diff

Please don't use diff(1) on files created or modified by ./configure or
installation. Try to make sure that your changes don't break other
things and also run on any system.

Until now I've testers for the following list of systems:

Linux i86 (don't what this exactly is)
RedHat Linux 2.0.30
Slackware Linux 2.0.28
SunOS 4.1.4
AIX 3.2.5
AIX 4.1.4
AIX 4.2.0
UNIX x86 SVR4.2
SINIX 5.42 (mips)
SCO UNIX 3.2.5.x
UnixWare 2.03
UnixWare 2.1.2


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