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Re: List of Outstanding Patches

> Until now I've testers for the following list of systems:
> Linux i86 (don't what this exactly is)

This would be me.  I meant to say ix86 (intel).  With the sparc/alpha/sgi
ports of Linux popping up I don't want anyone expecting too much.

I am/was the current maintainer of the Linux binaries, however, I noticed
that someone (Mr. Garcia?) volunteered for both Linux and Sun 4.1.4.  This
implies (to me) that he is using HylaFAX much more than I am.

If this is the case, I'm willing to step aside (plus I'm getting an SGI
soon so I may be able to work on the SGI/Linux version).

Let me know, I have some notes that were waiting for a pl2 release.

Matthew Rice                             e-mail: matthew.rice@ftlsol.com

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