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Re: Hylafax rpm issues - restarting init

> On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Ramana Juvvadi wrote:
> > The reason I recommended a reboot was for the faxgetty entry
> > in /etc/inittab. Is there anyway to make the init process read 
> > /etc/inittab?
> It works the same way -- send it a HUP signal.  Though there's no
> "init.pid" file, its pid is always 1.  So:
> 	kill -HUP 1
> results in (from /var/log/messages):
> 	Oct 23 11:01:45 molly init: Re-reading inittab

The init man page on my Red Hat 4.2 system recommends using 'telinit' as

	/sbin/telinit q

The 'q' tells init to re-read /etc/inittab. The same 'Re-reading inittab'
message is produced in systems messages.

Interestingly, 'telinit' is simply a symbolic link to the 'init' binary.

--CHris Davis


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