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Re: Received Fax question

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 kevin@meso.com wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm using a MultiTech Systems MultiModem, MT2834ZPX.
> The config file was built using faxaddmodem without
> straying from the defaults.  However, when viewing incoming
> text faxes (which were sent as Postscript files) with
> Ghostscript (using either fax2ps or fax2tiff), the images
> looked distorted ("smudged" is an apropos term).  I edited
> the modem config file setting ModemRate down to 9600 and it
> looked much better.  I also tried leaving ModemRate at 38400
> and set ModemFlowControl to xonxoff instead of rtscts and it
> also looked fine.
> Is this an appropriate workaround?  Or have I created potential
> new problems?

Most modem chips only work with a max speed of 19200 with xon/xoff
flow control. However, it's always better to talk to modem at your
maximum possible speed with rts/cts flow control. To get around this
you can alter your config files to have the following:

    ModemType:          Class2  # use class 2 interface
    ModemRate:          38400   # locked for fax sending&receiving
    ModemFlowControl:   rtscts  # default
    # Chip locks the line rate and switches to xon/xoff flow
    # control when receiving facsimile--we must follow suit.
    ModemAnswerFaxBeginCmd: "<19200><xon>"  # switch line rate & flow control

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