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Re: Problem with Multitech MT 2834 BL

>> I do have a Multitech 2834BL and am not able to send faxes. 
>> The error log is attached, and if someone had such a experience 
>> and solved it, i would like know about. 
>> Dec 17 08:23:10 fuchs FaxQueuer[19114]: No regular expression for modem
>> class
> Check out ModemClass in config(4), because it should look something like:
> ModemClass:           "any: tty[567]"
> IF you even need to use it at all.  Normally it's not needed.

So are you saying he should ignore it?

> This probably isn't the problem, but it will prevent you from sending any
> faxes.

So he also has another problem?  Sounds like we'll need to add more to this
before it goes into an FAQ.  What were the resolutions in the past?

Also, please don't include the entire debug messages in your response next


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