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Comments and BreakIntoLines

I recently installed HylaFAX V4.0PL1, and it seems to be working nicely.
Unfortunately, I am trying to get a cover page EPS file working, and I'm
having some troubles.  I checked all the archives, and got some good help,
but not quite enough.

Here is what I'm running into:

1.  If I use comments1, comments2, etc, it gives me the wrong text:

Here is part of the header from docxx.cover:
   /comments(This is the comments section.  I hope that this message shows
up when I try to run it!) def
   /comments1(Thisisthecommentssection. IhopethatthismessageshowsupwhenItryto)
   /comments2(run it!)

I don't understand where the spaces went in comments1, but it looks like a
bug to me!

Anyway, because I wanted more control over the formatting, I tried to use
comments and BreakIntoLines.  After remembering a bit of Postscript, I got
it basically working, but the line breaking seems strange -- The first line
of text comes out beautifully.  The second line is only about 1/3 the width
of the first, and the third line has the rest of the text.

The fragment I have to do the BreakIntoLines looks like this:

/CurrY 1483 def
/comments where
   comments 450
      F16_50 Ji 
      250 CurrY M S
      /CurrY CurrY 61 add def

("F16_50" Ji selects the font from earlier in the document)

I would expect each line to be width 450, but only the first line seems to
be the right width.

What am I missing?

This is the last part I need to get this working for our office - I would
really appreciate any help!



Jami Bradley                        IEC Intelligent Technologies
Director, Software Engineering             Voice: (303)-277-1503
bradley@ieclon.com                           Fax: (303)-277-1522

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