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whfc 0.5


i have uploaded whfc 0.5 to http://www.transcom.de/whfc . Some
people reported problems with Win95 and the printer monitor. So
i have made two seperate archives with the dll's from my
windows 95 and NT directory (Microsoft says i should use the
dll's from my Visual C++ CD, which i have done in version 0.4). 
So i hope it works now with Win 95 (it's good if you are a religous
programmer if you programm under Windows, you alway need some hope).

Also i have made some larger internal changes. I have changed the
routine which sends the commands to the HylaFAX server. Maybe the
"Syntax error : Unexpected command token" bug is also fixed, but
i can't test it. So if anybody can check it and give me a feedback
would be helpful to me.

The sourcecode is also available on ftp://ftp.transcom.de/pub/whfc

Happy Christmas and a happy new year

PS: I am on hollidays from 24.12.97 to 05.01.97 :-)
    (last chance to get an answer this year is 24.12 at 11.00 MEST)
Ulrich Eckhardt		                   mailto:uli@transcom.de
Truly great madness can not be achieved without significant
intelligence. (Henrik Tikkanen)

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