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Re: Postscript at 5% size in email attachment

I changed the attached to do what you suggest and it works with escher.ps
as well as the other two samples, tiger.ps and golfer.ps... Thanks.


On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, Hugh Caley wrote:

> As I understand it the application/postscript script would only process
> the attached postscript documents?  Could it be modified to simply put
> the "showpage"in before any of the postscript code was read in?  Since
> the text of the message
> itself was converted to PS, this should work, don't you think?
> Actually, what should really happen is that a showpage should be inserted
> at the end of the message before any of the attachments are read...
> Hugh
> Ben Parker wrote:
> > If you can find a distinctive end to the end of the message text, the
> > replce "EndProlog" in the script with that string. I could never find
> > it...
> >
> > Ben

# This file needs to be called:
# /usr/local/sbin/faxmail/application/postscript
# and have the +x bit set.
# Script to work with Hylafax's faxmail.
# It attempts to blow up attached postscript to full size on
# the next page, instead of shrinking it to 5% on page one 
# which is the default in faxmail.
# Your mileage will definitely vary. It is very stupid.
# Seems to work with golfer.ps, tiger.ps and escher.ps in the 
# ghostscript/3.33/examples directory
# Ben Parker <ben@dha.unon.org> Dec 97 

open (TEMP, "$ARGV[0]") || die "$ARGV[0] file not found.\n";
print STDERR "$ARGV[0] opened ...\n";
print "showpage\n";
while (<TEMP>) {
	if ($_ =~ "EndProlog") {
	print $_;
# end of script

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