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Re: 8bit characters and 'sendfax' ...

>     Hi,
>     we just found out that 'sendfax' has real problems when it gets a text
>     file containing 8-bit characters. The document won't be processed, and
>     not even an error message will be displayed. I guess things go wrong  
>     when 'textfmt' is executed ...
> Internationalization support is based on the POSIX setlocale
> functionality.  If your system does not support it then you won't have
> support for anything but 7-bit ASCII.  Since you say nothing about your
> environment, version of HylaFAX, etc. etc...
>     Sam

	The same problem exist when I use 8bit characters in the tag line- all
these chars are stripped and looks like blank spaces. I'm absolutely
sure, that there is no problem with setlocale, because (after localedef
blah, blah.. and export LANG=lt_LT) I get properly formatted time in
Lithuanian standard on a tag line (it looks like '(F0)estadienis, 1998
m. vasario 28d.' F0 is code of character, which really looks like blank
line). Sending text pages with lithuanian characters is OK. I don't
believe, that there is problem with .pcf font, because I tried several
'self made' (converted with bdftopcf util) fonts and other standard
fonts, included with distribution (they also have 8bit characters). All
times I get the same result. I'm not experienced programming c++, so
analyzing the program text is to hard for me. Please help.
	I use HylaFAX 4.0pl2 on Linux 2.0 (RedHat 5.0 distribution) and gcc


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