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AW: Problems with haylafax and creatix modem

Hi to the mailing list,

Thank You to Matthias and Sascha for Your answers. I have extended my CONFIG.MODEM according to the suggestion of Sascha but the error is exactly the same. This is my CONFIG.MODEM:

CountryCode:		0043
AreaCode:		512
FAXNumber:		293760
LongDistancePrefix:	1
InternationalPrefix:	011
DialStringRules:	etc/dialrules.europe
ServerTracing:		1
SessionTracing:		11
RecvFileMode:		0644
LogFileMode:		0644
DeviceMode:		0600
RingsBeforeAnswer:	1
SpeakerVolume:		off
GettyArgs:		"-h %l dx_%s"
LocalIdentifier:	"NothingSetup"
TagLineFont:		etc/lutRS18.pcf
TagLineFormat:		"From %%l|%c|Page %%p of %%t"
MaxRecvPages:		25
# Modem-related stuff: should reflect modem command interface
# and hardware connection/cabling (e.g. flow control).
ModemType:		Class2		# use class 2 interface
ModemRate:		38400
ModemAnswerFaxBeginCmd: "<19200>"
ModemFlowControl:	rtscts		# default
ModemWaitForConnect:	yes		# wait for CONNECT on answer
#ModemResetCmds:	AT&F2		# what you want for a Supra
ModemNoFlowCmd:		AT&K		# disable flow control cmd
ModemHardFlowCmd:	AT&K3		# hardware flow control cmd
ModemSoftFlowCmd:	AT&K4		# software flow control cmd
ModemSetupDTRCmd:	AT&D2		# DTR off causes modem to reset
ModemSetupDCDCmd:	AT&C1		# DCD follows carrier
ModemSetupAACmd:	AT+FCLASS=0;+FAA=1 # enable in class 0
ModemSendFillOrder:	LSB2MSB		# as expected
ModemRecvFillOrder:	MSB2LSB		# opposite of what makes sense
Class2RecvDataTrigger:	"\022"		# a la 2388-B

Maybe there are some other ideas about that problem. Thank You.

Best regards


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