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benfaxmail-0.3 released! Was: Re: hylafax, sendmail, faxmail

I can send you a zip of the faxmailer setup I use here - handles a few
thousand pages a week. It is based on a combination of Bob's and Dirk's
faxmailer script packages in the ftp archive, but quite a lot of fixes and
enhancements have gone into it, including scripts to handle GIF, JPEG,
Postscript and HTML attachments. I have called it (in the traditional
fashion), benfaxmail-0.3. It runs here on Red Hat 4.1 and Hylafax 4.0pl1.
My effort is far from perfect, but I want to give something back...
Feedback and wishlists welcome.


On Tue, 10 Mar 1998 ken@mui.net wrote:

> I've just about given up.
> hylafax was fairly straight forward.  was able to send faxes out no 
> problem.  sendmail is working great.
> until I tried installed the email to fax portion.
> I have search in the archives, done numerous combinations of anything 
> I could come across.  I keep on killing sendmail (kill -1 xxxx) and 
> trying it out, but always the same result:
> -------------------
> 550 <jan@9351748.FAX>... Host unknown (Name server: 9351748.fax: 
> host not found)
> -------------------
> jan is the user.  9351748 is the fax number.
> I'm using FreeBSD 2.2.5-stable.
> hylafax-4.0.1
> sendmail
> I'm lost.  I'm stuck.  and I'm losing it :)
> Thanks to all in advance!
> ken

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