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Re: destctrls

I've not checked the exact regular expression syntax for Hylafax, but
assuming that you have the right use of \...
> I've been trying to get the destctrls file to handle the following:
> ^[+]{0,6}$		RejectNotice = "Number too short, Need 7 digits"

This matches 0 to 6 plus characters, with no other character.

> ^[+]{8,}$		RejectNotice = "Number has too many digits"

This matches 8 or more plusses as the only characters.

> or should it be:
> ^[+][0-9]{0,6}$	RejectNotice = "blahblahblah ....

This is plausible, but I don't know where in the world you are, e.g.
in the UK the allowable number of digits is variable, but my office
number is of the general form +441810000000, when canonicalised, which
is 12 digits, and the typical US number is +15555551234, which is 11
digits.  Places small enough to have short national numbers tend to have
long international prefixes, so eight digits still seems somewhat short,
even for them.

Note, it looks as though you are trying to restrict calls to national
calls, in which case it would be better to just match anything without
your IDD prefix.

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