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Re: One problem only

Nico Garcia wrote:
    On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Sinisa Milivojevic wrote:
    > One only remains:
    > When system starts up, and in inittab it has faxgetty, after a while, after one
    > or more faxes have been SENT, CPU utilization of faxgetty starts constantly
    > increasing until it reaches 85 % utilizations of my monster PentiumPro at 200
    > MHz  !!!!!!!!!!
    Hmm. Which Linux are you running? And did you compile your own HylaFAX,
    or install one of the RPM's?

What about using Linux's strace(1) to see what the faxgetty(1M)
is doing while it eating up the CPU? If you see it looping in
calls of select(3N) check the archive for the reason.


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