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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

Dear Steve,

| I have seen quite a few postings from you.  While I must welcome 
| the efforts to better the software, YOU are the only one in a position
| to really determine your environment, and what the problem is.

Thanks for your reply, Steve. It's nice to see _someone_ answering with
so much patience.

The thrust of your mail is that you've discovered that 75% of errors for
TPC.INT faxes are because the numbers don't refer to fax machines.

If you see my logs, all of these are errors as reported by the Hylafax
xferstats. This program doesn't take into account the "NO ANSWER",
"BUSY" and "NO CARRIER" errors. It only reports the rest, i.e. ones
where my faxmodem actually connects to a remote faxmachine. And even
taking just those errors into account, I get 300+ errors for a period
when I send out 250 or so pages of faxes, i.e. about 120 fax jobs.

Yes, phone lines in India are bad quite often. But I connect at 14.4kbps
from the same modem for data connections and hold connections for hours
at a time. In other words, the phone lines cannot be all that bad.

Since you've given me this script, I'll definitely send you the output
from it. But the thrust of your mail is missing the point of my
observations. Sorry... :(

Warm regards and thanks,

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