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Re: TPC-OPER: Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Shuvam Misra wrote:

> One other issue that no one seems to be addressing is my phenomenally
> high frequency of "Transmit Phase B" errors. Will these too go away if I
> move to a Multitech?

I'm not a fax expert, unfortunately, but I can offer some empirical
evidence.  I was plagued by the Phase B thing for a while, and
unfortunately, nobody had any good suggestions on what to do about it.  I
was using a mishmash of three different modem types on three lines
directly connected to a phone switch.  Ultimately....when I got rid of the
mishmash and moved everything over to my USR chassis, the Phase B errors
went away and I ended up with the error ratio as currently listed....

Now...I have a nice Hayes chassis, based on the Rockwell chipset, that
I've just freed up.  When I put these next 16 modems on line, what will
happen?  I plan on doing some playing with my consistent delivery lists
between the USR chipset and the Hayes Rockwell chipset, and seeing how the
error percentages differ.  Perhaps, by doing an analysis of the different 
modem spectrums, I can find some correlation between the errors, the
sending modems, and receiving fax capabilities.

I suppose I am also curious to see how HylaFax will do when managing 24
modems.  Are there limits? 


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