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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

Hi Steve,
I wrote the original script, the help assess Phase B problems in the USR

At 00:31 2/04/98 -0700, Steve Williams wrote:
>I initially set up the fax software on our system at work to benefit 
>us at work ( funny that <g> ).  We have 7 phone lines that I wanted to 
>be able to dial in on, as well as use for outgoing data, and outgoing
>faxes.  I do not use any of them for incoming faxes except for 
>massive testing of the system ( sending from 3 modems to receiving from
>three modems ... ).
Quick note - this testing will not pick up the weirdness in certain fax
machines like the negative retrain problem - but it would be good for just
general operation testing

>I am sorry that I can't give credit to the person who created this script,
>but I am pretty sure I got it from the mailing list, so the records
>should be there somewhere.

I knew i should have put a copyright on the top ;-)

It was only a temporary measure i was going to merge this with the
xferstats script perhaps "xferstats -error" to get the same output.

>Here is a list of the errors that I have gotten recently.
>I have "tweaked" the log files to show the stats as if they are for one
>modem to shorten this email.

the lastest version of errorstats at http://www.trump.net.au/~rjc/hylafax/
shows a combined total for a bank of modems.

>So, I am not sure how this is recorded in the AWK file.  Maybe someone
>that is awake can take a boo at the script and say if these errors are

if a call suceeds on its third attempt, it will be registered as 2 errors.
It is based on the number of _attempts_ not the number actual number of
faxes sent.  This does inflate the readings slightly if say you send to the
same location a number of times and get the same error repeatedly.

>So, let's see WHY you are having the problems.  Maybe consider dialing
>some of the failed fax phone numbers by hand and seing if they are 
>actually a fax machine or not.  After 10 or so random calls, you should
>have a feeling if they are fax machines or humans answering the phones.
>If it's the latter, not much HylaFax can do about that <g>..

I've also got a version of errorstats that sorts by outgoing number thats
still in testing to see if i can pin down the errors to certain kinds of
receiving fax maxhine.

- Robert

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