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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

| You've probably already said this, but what operating system, what type
| of serial interrface and what driver are you using with that interface?
| If this is a PC type machine and a dumb serial interface, exactly which
| chipset (not 16550, but the ASIC identity)?

Goody. Some more questions. :) I am running Linux kernel 2.0.30, and
Hylafax is the binary distribution from ftp.sgi.com, version 4.0pl2. The
computer is an Intel-Pentium-based system with an Intel motherboard, and
the serial interfaces are built into the motherboard. Linux says that
they are 16550A. How do I find out the chipset? Do I have to open the
cabinet and look inside? That'll be a bit tough; my server runs round
the clock.

| The reason for asking is that I have fairly good circumstancial evidence
| that the Linux standard serial driver is flawed, at least for some chipsets.

You mean no one in the Linux developers group has time to look into it?
Sad. Again, as you said, maybe only the fax user and dialup UUCP user
needs to bother about it.

Hope the sketchy info I provided helped in some way.


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