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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Robert Colquhoun wrote:

> I like your script, i was amazed at the low error rate you were able to
> achieve with hylafax and i was going to ask about the secrets of your modem
> config file, but then.......
> ..... i realized you had divided them all by 10     ;-)

Sorry about that...don't you know how everyone wants to add just their two
cents.  And, everything else I had was in % already.

> Interestingly even still your getting virtually no phase B errors while
> quite a few more DCS errors than i am (i am using generally 10/95 USR
> Couriers, with a couple of 97 x2 models)
> Have you altered the standard usr config files in any way?

Nope - haven't touched them.  I have a USR Total Control chassis, which I 
think is basically a set of rack-mounted Courier modems.  It reports the
following configuration:

  USRobotics Courier V.Everything Configuration Profile...

  Product type           US/Canada Rackmount
  Options                HST,V32bis,Terbo,VFC,V34+
  Fax Options            Class 1/Class 2.0
  Clock Freq             20.16Mhz
  Eprom                  256k
  Ram                    32k

  Supervisor date        12/02/96
  DSP date               11/29/95

  Supervisor rev         1.0.8
  DSP rev                1.2.7

Configs are:

ModemType:              Class2.0        # use class 2.0 interface
ModemRate:              38400           # DCE-DTE communication rate
ModemFlowControl:       rtscts          # XON/XOFF flow control assumed
ModemNoFlowCmd:         AT&H0&I0&R1     # setup modem for no flow control
ModemHardFlowCmd:       AT&H1&I0&R2     # setup modem for hardware flow
ModemSoftFlowCmd:       AT&H2&I2&R1     # setup modem for software flow
ModemSetupDTRCmd:       ATS13=1&D2      # setup so DTR drop resets modem
ModemSetupDCDCmd:       AT&C1           # setup so DCD reflects carrier
(or not)
ModemResultCodesCmd:    ATQ0X4          # enable extended result codes
# NB: adaptive answer only seems to work properly when
#     the modem is left idling in Class 2.0
ModemSetupAACmd:        AT+FAA=1
# Set modem speaker volume commands: OFF QUIET LOW MEDIUM HIGH.
# Note that we both turn the speaker on/off and set volume.
ModemSetVolumeCmd:      "ATM0 ATM1 ATM1 ATM1 ATM1"
# Modem does not support HDLC frame tracing; we add this just
# to eliminate spurious ERROR results that confuse the naive.
Class2BUGCmd:           AT+FBU=0
# The modem doesn't support copy quality checking, even though it
# returns (0-2,0-2) for AT+FCQ=?; therefore we override the query
# response so that the server will do copy quality checking.
Class2CQQueryCmd:       !(0),(0)        # override modem response

I don't really know what Phase B is (unfortunately, Harald didn't address
that in his mail; perhaps he or someone else can enlighten) so I can't
comment as to what aspect of my configuration might have an impact on
things.  I am lucky enough to be directly connected to my CO (15 feet to
the phone switch) so my lines are perfectly clean from this end.  All my
modems are the same type, and it's running on a relatively fast machine.


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