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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

Hi Shuvam,
I had a quick look at your config, i'm not super familiar with Zyxel's but
nothing looked obviously wrong.  

I perhaps would remove or alter the LocalIdentifier line to make it your
phone no only, but i imagine this would only upset a small percentage of
fax machines.  Also it's just a personal thing but it would be much better
if you were using /dev/ttySX rather than /dev/modem.

Perhaps you could get a spare serial card and try that(they are fairly
cheap) to remove the possibility that your motherboard serial ports are
faulty.  Also if you know someone else with the same model modem perhaps
you could substitute to ensure that is not at fault.  You just want to make
sure that there are no hardware problems before you start looking at the
software - otherwise there are just too many variables to figure out what
is going on.

Hylafax has been shipping with the Zyxel config file for well over a year
now, i am finding it hard to believe that it works this badly.

- Robert

At 14:06 3/04/98 +0530, Shuvam Misra wrote:
>| Have you got a spare line you could plug your modem into, just to rule line
>| noise out(unless you have real bad luck and _both_ your lines are noisy)
>I do have another line, which is more noisy. I keep it for voice. :)
>| Apart from that i imagine it would have to be some sort of configuration
>| error.  Are you using the standard hylafax supplied modem config files for
>| the Zyxel?
>Look at http://www.spaceNETindia.com/fax/ and you'll get the config
>files. I'm using the standard ones, except for adding one DCCstring
>thing somewhere, to switch off ECM. Will you take a look?
>| PS unless of course your modem is really a 1996 USR Sportster that has been
>| rebadged and sold to you as a Zyxel ;-)

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