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Re: Mailfax Woes..

> Apr  1 12:37:49 shaft sendmail[2322]: MAA02321: MAA02322: DSN: Host unknown
> (Name server: 8231792.fax.: host not found)
> -----8<------
> 	I added the "CPFAX" statement to my sendmail.cf file, I was under the

CPFAX stops wasting root nameserver resources (and waiting indefinitely
if the root nameserver is inaccessible).  Your problem here is that the
ruleset 0 entry isn't working, so the fax is being handed off to the
esmtp mailer.  You will need to supply your m4 input, and, if necessary,
a diff between the m4 output and the actual .cf (or a diff between your
.cf and some standard .cf).

Note though:

1) I believe you can deliver to programs in .forward - it is much better to
deliver to faxmail than to redirect (if only from a theft of service 
point of view);  You can certainly deliver to programs using aliases;

2) When I pointed out the need for CPFAX I had not realised that the
fax mailer macro in recent sendmail m4 configurations doesn't just
define the mailer, but also generates the CPFAX and ruleset 0 entry,
so, if you are using the m4 macros, you should just declare a fax mailer
and ignore the instructions in Hylafax, except in as much as you have
to patch up path names.

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