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Re: Sending a fax with HylaFax+Class1 to a shared fax line

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Jonathan I. Kamens wrote:

> I'm running HylaFax v4.0pl1 with a Class 1 fax modem (SupraExpress
> 56e).
> I'm trying to send a fax to a telephone line that is shared between
> voice and fax use.  The owner of the line told me, "Just hit send
> right after dialing; don't wait for the fax machine to answer."  But I
> don't know how to tell hylafax and/or my modem to assume that the
> other fax machine is going to answer and start negotiating right away,
> so I am unable to send the fax.  I've tried to just send it normally,
> and it doesn't work.
> I assume that my modem is sending a CNG tone, and I know that the
    ^^^^^^  Does it or doesn't it?
A simple test would be to send a fax to your own voice line and listen
for the tones. (Don't forget to faxrm your job after the first call. :-) )

> stuff at the other end of the line should be smart enough to detect
> the CNG tone and switch to fax mode.  But since it's not, is there any
> way I can convince the software or hardware at my end of the line to
> jump right into sending the fax immediately after it dials?
> (BTW, I've checked the FAQ and the documentation for my modem, and I
> also did a DejaNews search, but I couldn't find an answer to this
> question.)
> Thanks,
>   jik

Tim Rice			Multitalents	(707) 887-1469 (voice)

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