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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

> | We were seeing errors like this when the volume of FAXing got
> | to a critical point.  The system didn't have enough memory,
> | so it started to thrash horribly.  Response time went through
> | the roof, let alone the time to run a ghostscript process.
> | Solution was to add another 16MB of memory.
> I am handling only one modem using my very-lightly-loaded P133 system
> with 32MB RAM. There's no possibility of thrashing at all.

Hi, it's me again.

I had a thought..., why not try running the modem in Class 1 mode
for a while.  If you have the horsepower in your box, then it
should be able to run in Class 1 with few problems.  

Humm, on second thoughts, that won't clearly identify what I 
thought it would, that the modem's Class 2 implementation is broken..
since it is running different code in HylaFax.

BUT, it would give some new statistics FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT that we
can use a a baseline and make some comparisons.

What do you think?

	Steve Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
	Genie Computer Systems Inc.

"A man doesn't begin to attain wisdom until he recognizes that he is 
 no longer indespensable."
- Admiral Richard E. Byrd ( 1888-1957 )

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