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Re: receive error

| I am having problems receiving fax (mailing) coming from a certain fax
| server. The call is answered, the remote station sends data, but it
| seems like hylafax doesn' react (log follows).

I have had a related problem for a long time. My Hylafax tells me that
it timed out waiting for a response from the modem. So, if I call up,
the phone rings twice, Hylafax takes it off hook, then records this
timeout error, then reinitialises the modem using faxgetty. In some
cases, I've had Hylafax not even going off-hook, just repeatedly telling
me that it is timing out waiting for a response from the modem. I use
the Linux binary distribution of Hylafax 4.0pl2, (same problem with pl1,
BTW) and a ZyXEL Omni. This is _not_ a hardware problem, because I've
seen exactly the same symptoms with three different setups in three
places. All with the same software and ordinary PC hardware and 16550A
serial ports.

One person suggested that I run setserial and reduce the DCE-DTE speed.
It didn't help.


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