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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL

> Looking at the log below it is kind of obvious that Phase B is your main
> problem.

I hope everyone is clear what Phase B is.  Firstly it is not an error.  It
is the stage of the conversation where the machines are exchanging their
characteristics at 300bps.  As such, it is unlikely that there will be
any transmission errors or interface underruns/overruns, so any error
either represents the modem sending something the remote end doesn't
understand, or possibly, for class 2, the modem receiving something
invalid from the local host.

I suppose a loose interpretation of the TSI might upset a remote machine,
and cause this sort of error, but the Rockwell documents I'm using don't
go down to enough detail here.  (Loose interpretation means anthing except
an international format or local phone number.  Loose interpretations may
well be technically illegal, but are widely supported.)

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