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Re: Problems sending scheduled faxes

> Hi,
> Client : WHFC 0.8.4
> System : Linux 2.0.30 (Suse 5.0)
> Hylafax Version : 4.0pl1
> When submitting a fax job for a later transmission I allways get this
> message :
> FaxQueuer [5441] : NOTIFY: bin/notify "doneq/q349" "timedout" """"
> and the fax is never sent and disappears from the spooling area.
> Please help. What can I do ?
> Many Thanks
> Josť Ferradeira
> sf@sfconsultores.pt
	I had similar problems with sending large amount of documents, witch
takes large time to transmit . Most of them dies with exactly the same
message as You noticed. I think the problem is with WHCF client, because
it sends to HylaFAX server JPARM LASTTIME set to 000259. I don't know
exactly how calculate kill time from '000259', but I think it is
approximately 3 hours. When i set JPARM LASTTIME (in FaxClientt.cpp.
Good old times, when WHFC source code was available...)to 002400, kill
time is set to ~ 1.5 days.
	When You setup fax for later transmision, You must make KillTime larger
than expected transmision time. The problem is only that You can't do
this without recompiling WHFC... ;-). So at the first time I recomend to
install 0.85 version of WHFC (source code of this version is not
available, so I can't tell You about success of using WHFC 0.85).
	I hope Ulrich will make some enhansements in WHFC so that KillTime can
be reconfigured from the user interface (or maybe in registry).



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