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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL

> >I hope everyone is clear what Phase B is.  Firstly it is not an error.  It
> >is the stage of the conversation where the machines are exchanging their
> There's unlikely to be any transmission errors between the modem  and the
> local host, but if the phone line is bad the communication with the remote
> machine can easily fail.

V.21 should be very resillient; if you are getting errors in the V.21
phase, I think your chances of getting anything at all at V.29 are 

> I have a copy of T30, if i am reading correctly the only characters

If you've got a copy of T.30, not just one of the text only CDs from when
they had an experiment with free electronic publication, could you 
check what if any requirements are placed on the sending side on getting
RTN.  The details are in the tables or diagrams.  All I can really clean
from the bits on the CD are that the algorithm for deciding when a retrain
is needed is not specified, and one of the things that can qualify the
sender's behaviour (but not necessarily in this context) is its ability
to retransmit.

> officially allowed are 0-9, space and the '+' character. I dont imagine
> this will bother many machines but anyway

It's really supposed to be an international format phone number, but it
is VERY common to configure fax machines to send alphabetics and for them
to display them.

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