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Re: No carrier detected

On Tue, Apr 07, 1998 at 03:30:15PM +0100, Liz Marlow wrote:
> Hi
> I have HylaFax installed and I'm having problems sending a fax.  It was working a couple of days ago and nothing has changed since but now when I type 
> 	sendfax -d 316367 -n test.ps
> I get the following error:-
> 	No carrier detected (see end of message for complete log)
> Please send any sugestions in "idiot format" as I don't know much about HylaFax.
>          Dials: 2 (consecutive failed calls to destination)
>          Calls: 2 (total phone calls placed)

According to the logs it sent you, it tried twice to send the fax, and in
both cases the phone was answered by something other than a fax machine.
Usually this happens when someone gives you the wrong phone number and you
try to send a fax to a voice number.

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