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Re: Problems compiling Hylafax


Nico Garcia <raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu> wrote:

: You neglected to mention what version of Linux you are using. And
: *WHAT* version of gcc/libg++ is that? 2.90? I say, *DOWN*, boy,
: you're going to have trouble jumping that far ahead of the
: recently released versions.

Sorry about that...

I am running Debian GNU/Linux version 2.0 (currently frozen). This is
a libc6 distribution so the same problems to make it work in RH 5.0
might apply. However, there's currently a HylaFAX package for Debian
2.0 and it works quite well (except for the problems with faxmail that
I am trying to nail down). I am compiling with the patches the
maintainer of HylaFAX for Debian used.

Regarding the compiler, it is version 2.90 because it is not gcc, it
is egcs. That could be my problem. I am trying to use g++ from gcc
instead of from egcs.




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