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Re: Received faxes to some other format!

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Hans Christiansen wrote:

> Hello
> I am having a few difficulties which I'm hoping somebody has come across before.
> My main objective is to convert received faxes to a correctly dimensioned
> image displayable by tiffview, Wang imager etc. (At the moment my received
> faxes are 'stretched' horizontally.) These viewers don't seem to handle
> different resolutions in the x and y axis.

If you write it, would you publish it for the rest of us? Pretty please,
with crumbled Snickers bars on top?

More seriously, I took a look a while back at various techniques.  I
came to the conclusion that everything Sam Leffler wrote works fine
and follows the TIFF spec's, and a lot of other people get them
wrong. This makes such conversions tough.

So I started looking at modifying the faxrcvd script to use "tiffsplit"
to put each page in one file, then use ghostscript or some other tool
to re-format them correctly. Then I got busy and gave up, before exploring
the possibility of using "tiffcp".

One of the most pesky parts was getting the names to come out
correctly: Turning fax00001.tif into fax00001-01.tif, fax00001-02.tif,
fax00001-03.tif, etc. for each page....

			Nico Garcia
			Senior Engineer, CIRL 
			Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary

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