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Re: Large number of errors with Hylafax and ZyXEL Omni modem

Hi Nico,
I can appreciate your problems with the redhat tools.  But i honestly think
you could make the situation alot worse if you start recommending cua over
ttyS devices.  If someone later loads a 2.1 kernel which alot of people are
doing it is going to break badly, also when 2.2 is finally released hylafax
will need also to be reconfigured.

Also i believe the latest Debian systems by default dont instantiate the
cua devices so installing a hylafax rpm that there would be challenging for
most users.

At the moment this is Redhat's problem they have barely updated many of
their packages since the 1.2 kernel releases, you dont want to make it
hylafax's problem also....

As for PPP i have got a working setup that uses mgetty - incoming terminal
and PPP sessions are handled automatically.  I can send you the info if you

- Robert

At 11:52 7/04/98 -0400, Nico Garcia wrote:
>According to Ted T'so at MIT, it's supposed to disappear with the next
>major release. ***HOWEVER***: many packages, such as minicom and the
>modemcfg tool in the control panel tool under RedHat 5.0, seem to use
>/dev/cua* as a default, and that includes the 2.0.32 kernel at
>least. Therefore, until that gets straightened out, I think I'm going
>to change my tune and suggest using /dev/cua*.
>I've also been writing some fairly extensive installation notes for
>RedHat 5.0 Linux, based on my experience there and based on my
>old SunOS notes. Linux users who want a preview can look
>for both sets of notes at:
>	http://cirl.meei.harvard.edu/~raoul/hylafax/
>These are not fully integrated with the RPM distribution, since I don't
>have the full set of patches used for that and the config.local used.
>I've also been trying to integrate notes about using PPP for either
>setup: this is its own unique adventure, and I'd appreciate comments.
>			Nico Garcia
>			Senior Engineer, CIRL 
>			Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary
>			raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu
>Version: 2.6.2

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