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Re: whfc question

Robert E Jones wrote:
>      How do you configure a user (no, I'm not going to the damn
> www.vix.com/hylafax/FAQ page) ??  The FAQ on the web-page suck.
> If you've been doing this for a while it makes sense, but I have
> no idea as to what it is trying to convey being green at this.
>      Ok, dammit I went to the Q59 listing.  Here's my gripe about
> the FAQ:
>      First, I am not running Windows NT4.0.  I have WHFC on just Win95.
>      Second, How do you set up the ../fax/etc/hosts file ??
>      Third, "Read the man pages".  What/where are they ??  And
>             don't tell me 'man hosts(5f)' or something vague
>             like that which doesn't exist on this system here.
>      Fourth, I hate blanket answers that aren't really answers.
> FreeBSD 2.2.5 running Hylafax 4.0
I think the FAQ is a good clue to solve your problem.
try to write the user name you have on WHFC user preferences login in
the file etc/hosts. If this don't work try to configure a user on your
FreeBSD System with the same user name of WHFC user preferences login.
I'm not used to FreeBSD, so I can't help you here.


Josť Ferradeira

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