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Re: Re: whfc question

Robert E Jones wrote:
>    What does "try to write the user name you have on WHFC user preferences
> login in the file etc/hosts" mean ??  Specifically.  I don't know what the
> WHFC user preferences login is, nor if it is set.  I put  a username to
> the WHFC login that I made on the FreeBSD site and entered a login, but
> that didn't work.  What am I suppose to put into etc/hosts and in what
> format/how ??  You're not being specific, you're talking like you assume
> I know what I am doing.  The is the problem with the FAQ.  If I knew what
> I was doing I wouldn't be messaging here nor needing the FAQ.
just write the user name in the ascii etc/hosts file

Josť Ferradeira

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