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Uppercase letters with ttymon on Solaris

I have installed HylaFAX 4.0pl1 from a binary distribution for Solaris
2.5 compiled with gcc-2-7-2 on our Sparc10 with Solaris 2.5.1. with an
USR Robotics Sporstster Flash 33.600

It works fine at the moment with faxes. I have sent and received faxes
without problems. 

The problem arrives with inbound data calls:

	- It only connects at 19200 (DCE-DCE) when both DTE-DCE sides 	are at
38400. It is not a problem of quality of the line because 	I am doing
this test with internal lines and with tip I can 	connect with higher
	- When passing the control to ttymon, it changes all the letters 	to
uppercase. Everything it works but in capital letters.

The log file it seems completly normal and GettyParms is such as
suggested in the doc for Solaris.

Thank you in advance.

Jose Fornes

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