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RE: Dial-in Fax to Email Server

To do what you described would require some type of OCR software to
convert the image to text.  Is there something like this for Linux?

Converting TIFF to PS does not do this.  The PS file is only another
format for an image.

The only way I see you doing this is to have a table of sender's phone
numbers or TSI (?) identifiers to email addresses.  Having Caller ID
could also help.  Nonetheless, the receivers would have to list the
people they know they will receive faxes from.... And what if a sender
is on more than one receiver's list..... It ain't gonna work!



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On Thursday, April 09, 1998 12:20 AM, Ed Curtis[SMTP:edc@kuntrynet.com]
>  I just joined this list yesterday so please forgive if this has been 
> covered before. I have been through the list archives with no luck on an  
> answer to my question.
> Question:
>  I work for an ISP that would like to setup Hylafax as an Fax to Email 
> Gateway to allow an extra fax service for our customers. I know this is 
> possible by using the local identifier for the sender and configuring the
> faxrcvd script to forward to a certain person. What we want to do is 
> support multiple recipients on one phone line and have Hylafax 
> forward the fax as a tiff attachment via email to the recipient.
> Is there a way for Hylafax to distinguish the person to forward the email 
> to by some content in the fax? We have tried to convert the recieved 
> faxes to Postscript then convert it to ascii to pull the persons email 
> address from the <to:> tag but that didn't work.
>  If anyone can point me in the right direction on this it would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Ed Curtis
> edc@kuntrynet.com

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