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Re: Dial-in Fax to Email Server

>>>>> On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, "JP" == JOHN PRICE wrote:

  JP> To do what you described would require some type of OCR software to
  JP> convert the image to text.  Is there something like this for Linux?

  JP> Converting TIFF to PS does not do this.  The PS file is only another
  JP> format for an image.

  JP> The only way I see you doing this is to have a table of sender's phone
  JP> numbers or TSI (?) identifiers to email addresses.  Having Caller ID
  JP> could also help.  Nonetheless, the receivers would have to list the
  JP> people they know they will receive faxes from.... And what if a sender is
  JP> on more than one receiver's list..... It ain't gonna work!

What would be "really cool"(tm) would be to teach HylaFAX to manage modems on (for instance) one of Ascend's MAX products . . . then take 1000 numbers, and route them all (ISDN) into the MAX. The MAX modem RINGs, tells HylaFAX the number for which it is destined, some sort of TCP/IP variant of faxgetty attaches to the correct MAX port, grabs control of the rockwell modem and sends ATA, modem goes off-hook and HylaFAX receives the FAX. HylaFAX then routes the FAX according to the dentination number, which maps to an e-mail address.

Voila! One fax number delivers a fax to one e-mail address.

Only one problem - nobody seems likely to adapt faxgetty to do it's thing over
TCP/IP, despite how tremendously useful this could be to move HylaFAX into
industrial-scale production environments. I once has a customer willing to pay for the development work and fold the code back into HylaFAX, but there were no takers.


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