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Re: Totally Stumped...

| I'm getting an "Unspecified Transmit Phase B error; too many attempts to send
| error using hylafax4.0pl2 on RedHat 5.0 with a U.S. Robotics Sportster 
| 56k Faxmodem (its recognized as USROBOTICS SPORTSTER V.34+ FAX). 
| I noticed that I didn't even get an error code from the hang up. However,
| I'm getting some garbage apparently.  

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... (mirthless, heartless laugh)

You will suffer and writhe and twist and turn and nothing will come out
of it. Your soul is damned.

I run a TPC.INT cell, and I get 37% of the total number of all calls
placed, terminating with this error. No one knows why. I use a ZyXEL
O288S modem, by all accounts a very good fax modem. And the best part of
this error is that unlike NO CARRIER or NO ANSWER or BUSY errors, this
error occurs after the remote fax machine answers the phone, thus
ensuring that your call gets logged by the telephone company, thus
making you pay for your sins. :)

I'm paying my telco for about a hundred such calls a day, I should
think. Welcome to the club.


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