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Re: Totally Stumped...

Hi Andy,
Have a look at http://www.trump.net.au/~rjc/hylafax/usr.php it explains
some of the problems with getting the Sportster model working.

>From your description of the problem you have a more recent 56K model which
should work if you add the line
Class2NRCmd:            AT+FNR=1,1,1,0  # setup status reporting  command
to your modems config file, this stops the modem reporting bad frame errors.

Note you may also still get a significant number of DCS errors when sending
faxes, this problem as related to the Sportster modem far as i am aware has
not as yet being solved.

Now Shuvam:
>I run a TPC.INT cell, and I get 37% of the total number of all calls
>placed, terminating with this error. No one knows why. I use a ZyXEL
>O288S modem, by all accounts a very good fax modem. And the best part of
>this error is that unlike NO CARRIER or NO ANSWER or BUSY errors, this
>error occurs after the remote fax machine answers the phone, thus
>ensuring that your call gets logged by the telephone company, thus
>making you pay for your sins. :)
>I'm paying my telco for about a hundred such calls a day, I should
>think. Welcome to the club.

In Australia one local phone call costs A25c times 100 per day = $A25
A new modem a USR Courier which is known to work costs in the region of $A300.

>From above after ~2 weeks it is cheaper to buy a new modem than continue
running your current system.

- Robert

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