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Re: Best modem

David N. Lewis wrote:
> Jose,
> On an IBM RS6000, Hylafax v4.0pl0, I've had good luck with MultiTechs 1432's
> (which I don't think are available any longer)  I think that most folks
> have had good luck with various MultiTech products as well.  Currently,
> due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm using USR Couriers.  These
> modems are not awful, but their class2.0 implementation needs some work,
> I think.  I'm actually having better throughput faxing in class1.  By far
> the most prevalent problem I've had with the USR's involves between-page
> negotiation (I saw the same errors with some old Sportsters).
> My advice is to try a couple of different modems, if you or your company
> can afford it.  This trial period will prove invaluable, especially if you
> plan to 'ramp-up' a production faxing system, sending 100's or 1000's of
> pages per day.  The old MT1432 was a great modem, in my experience.  If
> you can scrounge one up, try it out, otherwise, look at the latest
> MultiTech offerings.  From watching the list, Practical Peripherals, and
> Zyxel seem to be in high regard as well.
> Good luck,
> Dave Lewis
> On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, jaime novo wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > What is the best modem to use with HylaFAX ?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Regards
> >
> > Josť Ferradeira
> >

Thanks very much.
We have tried a Nokia ECM Fast Class 1, but with problems with blank
lines in the middle of the fax text. When it encounters 3 or more blank
lines starts to send another page.
We came around that but reducing the quality of the sending fax and the
modem never hang up the call.
Our next try will be a Microcom DeskPort Fast 28.8.

Best regards
Josť Ferradeira

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