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Re: TPC-OPER: ZyXEL is seriously studying ZyXEL-Hylafax performance issues

> Dear all,
> I think I must tell you about ZyXEL's ongoing effort to study our
> problems. Most of us on these lists use Hylafax as the fax software, and
> quite a few of us use or have used ZyXEL modems. Many of us have
> reported poor throughput with ZyXEL modems and Hylafax, in spite of them
> being one of the best by all accounts.


Congratulations on the success with your persistance.

> What surprises me is that any modem vendor will go to so much trouble to
> actually install an unfamiliar OS (these chaps are pretty much Windows
> and OS/2 oriented, it appears), install an unfamiliar fax system on it,
> and then try out their modems. I appreciate it.

If they ( ZyXEL ) need any help getting HylaFAX up and running, please
let us know.  This is very encouraging to say the least.

I do not run ZyXEL here at my TPC Cell, but I have a ZyXEL Elite 2864 
that is controlled by HylaFAX that we use for our incoming PPP Link.  
I would be in a position to assist testing in Calgary, Canada if necessary.

I can take some of my "Phase B" errors that the MultiTechs running my TPC Cell
get and see how the ZyXEL does on them.

Let me know if you need any assistance.
	Steve Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
	Genie Computer Systems Inc.

"A man doesn't begin to attain wisdom until he recognizes that he is 
 no longer indespensable."
- Admiral Richard E. Byrd ( 1888-1957 )

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