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RE : ZyXEL is seriously studying ZyXEL-Hylafax performance issues

Dear all,
Thanks all your help. Now we can startup the outbound service already. But we still got trouble with Inbound service. The modem won't accept the incoming call.
According to the setup procedure: Setting up Inbound Service

"To setup HylaFAX for inbound facsimile or data service a modem configuration file must be setup and a faxgetty program must be started to listen for input on the tty device. The configuration file setup is usually done at the same time that outbound service is configured; i.e. when faxaddmodem is run. A faxgetty server for the modem should be setup to be run by the init(1M) process according to local system conventions. For System V-based systems this is done by editing the /etc/inittab file to spawn faxgetty on the appropriate port. For example, if a modem is to be started on /dev/ttyf2 the following line might be appropriate:   t2:23:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/faxgetty ttyf2 ..."

[Rowen Chu] We have add one line in /etc/ttyS1 with 't2:23:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/faxgetty ttyS1'. But it seems useless.

"...Note that faxgetty may be run on a modem port whether or not it is to provide inbound service. By setting the RingsBeforeAnswer configuration parameter to zero, faxgetty will not answer an incoming phone call unless it is explicitly commanded to by the faxanswer(1M) program. This may be desirable if a phone line is used, for example, as the primary line for voice calls. "

[Rowen Chu] The RingBeforeAnswer parameter is 1. 
I don't know where I was wrong. Have you met such situation before?

By the way, in the "Installing Hylafax v4.0pl2 on RedHat Linux 5.0", section 7 "How to start up the fax daemons". 
To start the daemon by hand, I was asked to do:
prompt# sh /etc/rc.d/init.d/hylafax start
where /etc/rc.d/init.d/hylafax is a symbolic link to ../rc0.d/K91hylaxfax or ../rc3.d/S91hylafax
But I didn't find hylafax, K91hylaxfax or ../rc3.d/S91hylafax
Am I missing something?

with best regards,
Rowen Chu /FAE/ZyXEL

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From:	Shuvam Misra [SMTP:shuvam@spacenetindia.com]
Sent:	Wednesday, April 15, 1998 10:20 AM
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Subject:	ZyXEL is seriously studying ZyXEL-Hylafax performance issues

Dear all,

I think I must tell you about ZyXEL's ongoing effort to study our
problems. Most of us on these lists use Hylafax as the fax software, and
quite a few of us use or have used ZyXEL modems. Many of us have
reported poor throughput with ZyXEL modems and Hylafax, in spite of them
being one of the best by all accounts.

ZyXEL has finally woken up to this fact. I think four things pushed them:

(i)	my persistent attempts at making noise, 
(ii)	the repeated responses I got to my noise from many of you, who
	recommended Multitech as an answer (which I promptly passed back
	to ZyXEL :)
(iii)	my friend and ZyXEL distributor for India, Ketan, and his help
	in escalating this problem, knowing fully well that I am a very
	small customer of his
(iv)	ZyXEL's realisation that they are not just addressing me but two
	worldwide mailing lists of serious fax users through me.

Now they've set up Linux with kernel 2.0.X in their R&D centre at Taiwan,
and have reached the stage of doing "faxaddmodem". There they've got
stuck, probably because they misspelt "ttyS1" as "ttys1". We should see
some action soon.

What surprises me is that any modem vendor will go to so much trouble to
actually install an unfamiliar OS (these chaps are pretty much Windows
and OS/2 oriented, it appears), install an unfamiliar fax system on it,
and then try out their modems. I appreciate it.

I have copied this message to Rowen Chu and his colleagues at ZyXEL
Taiwan, so that you can write to him, and I guess he can write to you. At
this point, I'd appreciate it if all of you who have used Hylafax and
ZyXEL can help ZyXEL's team lick the problems once and for all. If these
guys are willing to try so seriously, let's give them a hand... or a few
hundred hands. :)

It is possible that ZyXEL might be in a position to release beta versions
of their field-upgradable firmware which some of you might be able to
use in your TPC cells or fax broadcast systems. This should give ZyXEL
a very quick turnaround for their testing.


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