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USR Sportser 33.6 FAX

I'm trying to get my USR Sportser 33.6 FAX to work for receiving faxes
(class 2.0, RPM hylafax-4.0-8), but I keep getting an assortment of
errors. So far 2 of 6 faxes have been received OK.

When I use the fax machine here to send to it, it works fine, but when
receiving from other (unknown) machines, it seems to die after receiving
the first page.  I have no good way to reproduce the problems because
the faxes are from unknown sources.

Anyway, I've read about all the problems with USR Courier.  Does the
same bad news apply to Sportser?

Is anyone out there using a USR Sportser 33.6 for fax?  Maybe it's a
setup problem....


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