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Q: Unspecified Transmit Phase B error

Hi all;

  I'm trying to set up HylaFAX on a RH5 system using the 4.0pl2 binaries
from the sgi web site. The server comes up fine and all, but when I try
to send a test fax I keep getting this error. What does it mean?? This
is the end of the email it sent me. As it does call, I started at the
DIAL statement, though I can post more.

Apr 08 19:33:40.05: [31588]: DIAL 8452068
Apr 08 19:33:40.05: [31588]: <-- [12:ATDT8452068\r]
Apr 08 19:34:02.53: [31588]: --> [4:+FCO]
Apr 08 19:34:05.09: [31588]: --> [24:+FNF:^[+FCI:"        818 ]
Apr 08 19:34:05.09: [31588]: REMOTE NSF "^[+FCI:"        818"
Apr 08 19:34:05.09: [31588]: --> [55:41
Apr 08 19:34:05.20: [31588]: --> [11:^^^^A^A^I^B^I^(^E^-

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