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Re: faxmodem/mgetty and HylaFAX

Nico Garcia <raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu> wrote:

: Yes, it's possible: you have to run "faxsetup" and select the mgetty
: instead of the default getty program, and take a careful look at
: "GettyArgs" in your config files to make sure that's set up correctly
: too.

Uhhmmm, I see.

: > I don't receive faxes in this box, it's just outgoing faxes and this
: > works fine with UUCP style locking (PPP et all do UUCP locking).
: > 
: > Also, do I need to run faxmodem each time my server reboots?

: You shouldn't: what you would do is use faxgetty as the getty on your
: serial port, and have it call mgetty when it gets a data call. The
: method to do this depends strongly on the operating system.

OK, thanks a lot Nico.




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